Pamela Blum

I make work with a hefty measure of the abject combined, by contrast, with something funny and/or poignant in my sculptures’ gestures. The body parts and mutations speak to preoccupations with human misbehavior, death and environmental degradation, as do the sculptures’ abraded surfaces and extremes of black and white. The semi-figurative “Dolls” (It’s a Boy; Plump Lady) evolved from body parts (Heart #1; Him), animal mutations (Plump Form #2) and useless “utilitarian” objects (not included in this exhibit). With their aluminum mesh armatures plumped up with plaster bandages, papier maché, and layers of wax, the dolls take on human personalities. Note, however, they are missing arms, heads, feet and half their torsos. All these abstracted forms and gestures reflect fears, revulsions, and acceptance.


747 Route 28

Kingston, NY 12401

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