Andrew Lyght, Air Rights NYLyght NY 1357
Andrew Lyght, Air Rights NYLyght NY 4463

Growing up by the sea in Guyana, South America, I often wondered about the horizon line, what happened where water and sky meet to create a sense of limitless distance. I remain intrigued by this enigmatic phenomenon and its resemblance to pictorial space. It has driven my visual inquiry and practice for more than forty years, during which I have physically Deconstructed, altered, and reconstructed the picture plane, the frame, and the compositional elements within that frame to better understand the dynamic nature of pictorial space. I have grappled with the spatial significance of line, plane, volume, and color, placed the viewer within that pictorial space and explored the limits of the eye.

Air Rights NYLyght NY, a recent series of conceptual architectural drawings continues this exploration. New York City is its subject with streets and walls providing the backdrop, and the skyline a staging area from which to create. Based on the spatial dynamics of photographic images, digitally rendered forms are inserted and anchored with a web of hand drawn lines. Like hot air balloons, the digitally rendered structures both stand apart and simultaneously become part of the city, adding an element of surprise to the urban environment.