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Particle Point Collisions: Jim Holl at the Lockwood

The Lockwood Gallery at 747 Route 28 in Kingston is currently hosting an exhibition of painting and sculpture by Jim Holl entitledParticle Point Collisions. The paintings, oil on board and on handmade paper, are rendered in soft colors that are nevertheless luminous and vibrate. For the paintings, Holl favors a square format – a shape after my own heart. The sculptures, which are both tiny and enormous at the same time (more on that paradox below), are3Dprinted pieces stained with pigmented microcrystalline wax, also in soft tones. The exhibition, which was made specifically for this space and curated by Lockwood’s resident curator, Alan Goolman, runs through November 1st when there will be a closing event from 5 – 7 pm.

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