WALL FLOWERS is a bold, contemporary, at times unexpected take on what in other, more traditional exhibitions, in more traditional galleries, might be just another SPRiNG FLOWER SHOW… 


Yes, there is color in full bloom absolutely everywhere you look. 
Yes, there are what appear to be flowers bursting directly from the walls.
Yes, there are paintings of flowers and yes, they are hung on the walls 
(which explains the show’s title) but these are not ordinary paintings of flowers, in fact there is nothing ordinary about these paintings at all.   

WALL FLOWERS, is a group show featuring six wonderfully diverse highly accomplished painters

WALL FLOWERS is co-curated by Carol Struve and Alan Goolman

THE LOCKWOOD GALLERY is recognized for mounting concept driven group shows featuring the work of mid-career, and well established artists, as well as emerging artists with exceptional talent.

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