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Architect and gallery owner Michael Lockwood and curator Alan Goolman return to The Lockwood Gallery “IN PURSUIT of COLOR."

“IN PURSUIT of COLOR” is a group show featuring twenty-four mid-career New York City and Hudson Valley artists in an exploration of The Art and Science of Color. How it works. Why it works. Why we love it. And why sometimes we don’t.”


Following are highlights from “IN PURSUIT of COLOR”


Traditional Guyanese stick home building, rock drawings and the Nazca lines in Peru, inform the framework and personal glyphs of Andrew Lyght’s masterful “Painting Structure” 645C


Stephen Pusey “Nexus“ Acrylic on Canvas 361/4”X40”

Trance Stance Ink and Watercolor on Paper 22”X15”

Gradation of color creates visual form and suggests the many-layered states of meditation and consciousness in "Trance Stance" a new painting by David Provan.


Andrew Lyght "Painting Structures 645C"

Ralph Moseley's aerial-view, “One-Over-One”
Landscapes explore a diverse range of “color-chords”, bringing a sense of place and topography to their perfectly defined fields of color.

One-Over-One Landscape #7 Oil over Acrylic 16”X20”

While the synesthetic translation of jazz horn, from sound into color, plays with the pictorial language of painterly spontaneity in Joseph Conrad-Ferm’s rhythmic composition “Cornu”.

Angela Voulgarelis Untitled Oil on Paper 20”X16”

Color also lends strength to the contemporary figurative works, None more so than Angela Voulgarelis' powerful portrait of a girl, from a series work that investigates the psychological relationship between color and the human form.


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