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Painting is a language more powerful than words. It can express deeper thoughts through the subconscious while addressing contemporary problems. When looking at art, I ask myself what does it "feel" like, rather than what does it "mean." Nature is not limited to what we see - it includes one's psychic makeup as well. I communicate my perceptions of the world by probing beyond the ordinary and by addressing the mind and heart as well as the eye. By creating relationships of form, color and line, I wish to invent a unified world, if only on paper. Our world is often discordant, messy and complicated, not easy to understand…it is both theoretical and practical. Do not look for meaning or obscure formulas in my work. Each painting relates to thoughts, ideas and feelings in myself and at times, pure joy.

Splashes, drips, circular and calligraphic shapes co-mingle with landscape references to suggest all of nature, not only the "seen" elements. Instinct and emotion compose these experiments while rhythm, light and fragmented forms interact with memories of my experience and desires.

Mixed Media and Photo Collage:

By using prints, paintings, fabric, found images from books and magazines, as well as my endless supply of photographs I try to find links for each combination while constructing oppositions and establishing a narrative for emotional and poetic response. At times a beautiful ironic language arises from these juxtapositions that mystifies and abandons an idealist conception of art – provoking reflection.


Life is fragmented and artificial and by building a new vision of what one perceives as “art”, I try to tap intuitive wisdom and reassemble the illusion of reality. I want to push boundaries, to merge and create a new way of seeing and looking at life – these are my goals.


There is an uncertainty in looking at work outside the known realm of photography, painting or sculpture. Since our current culture seems to transcend time or place, mixed media is for me the common language seeking to carry temporal feelings into and out of a higher reality. To create work this way pushes me further towards understanding our complex time.


Pat Horner
26 Van Wagner Rd

Willow, NY 12495

ph/fax 845-679-5495


1978 University of Minnesota, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Minneapolis, MN
1977 Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Minneapolis, MN, BFA

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2010 "Selections 2005-2010", Woodstock Artists Assoc. & Museum, Woodstock, NY
2008 "EARTH CHANGES", Willow Art Gallery, Woodstock,NY
2005 “Works on Paper”, Art on Center, Tacoma, WA
“Chaos & Serenity” (two person), Chace-Randall Gallery, Andes, NY
2004 “Metamorphosis”, Wright Gallery, Kingston, NY
2002 “Fabrications”, Half Moon Gallery, Saugerties, NY
2001 “Veiled Figures”, FotoQuest Gallery, Saugerties, NY
2000 “Linked Interpretations”, The Center of Photography at Woodstock, NY
1999 “Under Cover”, Woodstock Artists Association, Woodstock, NY
1998 “Photo/Collage”, Carrie Haddad Gallery, Hudson, NY
1997 “Mixed Media Collage”, Ricco-maresca Gallery, New York, NY
1995 “Photo Collages”, The Kleinert/James Art Center, Woodstock, NY
1992 “The Color of Light”, Magnolia Gallery, Houston, TX
1989 “Narrated Landscapes”, Jon Oulman Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1986 “Visual Conundrums”, Jon Oulman Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
“Engineered Images”, Film in the Cities Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1978 “Photo Diptychs”, Go Gallery, University of California, Los Angeles, CA
“Pat Horner”, Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Minneapolis, MN
1977 “New Video”, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, MN

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2011 Woodstock Artists Association & Museum,
over 60 juried exhibitions since 1997
2010 Posie Kviat Gallery (two person), Hudson, NY,
Eyebuzz Gallery, Tarrytown, NY
2008 "Holiday Exhibition", Fletcher Gallery, Woodstock, NY
2007 "The Moon Show", West of Woodstock Gallery Space, Willow, NY
2006 “Infusion”, James Cox Gallery at Woodstock
2005 “Passionate About Art”, Kleinert/James Gallery, Sonia Sudak, Curator, Woodstock, NY
Coffey Gallery, Kingston, NY
2004 “The Breakfast Club”, Albert Shahinian Fine Art, Poughkeepsie, NY
2003 “Pot Luck”, Hudson-Rhine Exchange with KEK, 3 venues in Cologne, Germany
Woodstock Watercolors, and The Woodstock Gallery, NY
Art Forms Gallery, Woodstock, NY & Red Bank, NJ
2002 Coffey Gallery, Kingston, NY
“Collage as Metaphor”, Cooperstown Art Association, Cooperstown, NY
Nason-Williams Gallery, Taos, NM
2001 “The Breakfast Club”, Fletcher Gallery, Woodstock, NY
The Gallery at Place des Voges, Paris, France
2000 “Femme Florale”, “Paperview” & “Small Works”, Esopus Art, Lake Hill, NY
“Nature Made” & “Notions of Beauty”, Upstate Art, Phoenicia, NY
Donskoj gallery, Kingston, NY
1999 “Naked” & “Stars & Strips”, Ricco-Maresca Gallery, New York, NY
1998 “And I Quote”, Mary Delahoyd Gallery, Pavel Zoubak, Curator, New York, NY
New York Biennial, Linda Weintraub, curator, NY State Museum, Albany, NY
1997 “Collage”, Lorraine Kessler Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY
“Flowers”, Elena Zang Gallery, Woodstock, NY
1996 “Delirium”, Ricco-Maresca Gallery, New York, NY
“In This Time and Place”, State University of NY, New Paltz, NY
Miniatures by Major Artists”, Elena Zang Gallery, Woodstock, NY
1995 “Synchronicity”, Taliesin Gallery, Red Hook, NY
1994 “Small Works II”, Swanstock Gallery, Tucson, AZ
“Allegories” & “The Figurative Show”, Avoir Gallery, Kirkland, WA
1993 G. Gibson Gallery, Seattle, WA
1992 “The FAX Show”, Museum of Fine Art Guize, Houston, TX
1991 “The Snow Show”, Gordon Pym & Fils, Paris, France
Antoine Candau Gallerie, Paris, France
Jacquiline Moussion Gallerie, Paris, France
1990 Marvin Seline Gallery, Houston, TX
“The Other Foot in the Door Show”, Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN
1989 Union Square Gallery, New York, NY
1988 “The Blue Show”, Jon Oulman Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1986 Art Center of Minnesota, Wayzata, MN
MAEP Anniversary Show, Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN
1985 “Constructivism”, Jon Oulman Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1980 Permanent Collection Show, Minneapolis Institute of Art, MN
1978 Northrup Gallery, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
Catherine Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota
1977 Minneapolis College of Art & Design, Minneapolis, MN

Selected Publications:

2008 The Daily Freeman, "Reader of the Week", May 3, Bonnie Langston, Kingston, NY

2007 The Woodstock Times, Smart Art, Dec. 6, Paul Smart

Almanac, Ulster Publishing, “In One’s Creative Corner”, Paul Smart, June 3, Kingston, NY

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2003 The Daily Freeman, “Maverick Women”, March 25, Kingston, NY

2002 The Paper, “Art to Behold”, June 1, Hillsdale, NY

Almanac, “Fabric of Life”, May 30 and “Necessary illusions”, Oct. 11, 2001, Kingston, NY

2001 Chronogram, Parting Shot, July and inside back cover, April, 2000, New Paltz, NY

The Daily Freeman, “Preview”, April 27, Kingston, NY

Northeast Art, Antiques and Arts Weekly, Chronogram & Woodstock Times, April

2000 Photo Quarterly, Center of Photography at Woodstock, NY

Antiques and The Arts Weekly, April 7, Newtown, CT

The Woodstock Times, When Card Play is Work, Jan 20

1999 Houghton Mifflin, More Bread or I’ll Appear, Book cover

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The Woodstock Times, review, Aug 5

1998 The Mountain Eagle, LifeStyles, profile, Sept 17, Tannersville, NY

The Woodstock Times, Times II cover, Sept 24

1997 Zen Quarterly, spring and summer covers

Aperture, Delirium, summer

Woodstock Times review, Nov 6

The Times Herald Record, “Collage artist…”, Nov 8,Middletown, NY

1996 Ulster Magazine, summer; (cover – winter), & autumn 1995, Kingston, NY

1995 Woodstock Times, March review

The Progressive, May, Madison, WI

1994 The Best Contemporary Women’s Humor, The Crossing Press, Ed. Roz Warren

Diversity is Strength, July, Seagram Corporate Communication, New York, NY

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Art & Antiques, photographs for Van Gogh story, Dec., New York, NY

UNESCO Courier, Oct., & July 1992 back cover, Ed. G. Whitcomb, Paris, France

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