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Artist Statement

Living in Buffalo offers such a limited season of warmth and sunlight. When a restorative walk through a trail of sage highlighted in chartreuse, pops of vermillion, cornflower accents, and sprinkles of white lace ignites something inside of me, that moment becomes my source of inspiration. While I cannot enjoy these blooming strolls daily, expressing this experience with my work has become a way to escape and quiet the chaos around me. My work represents my process of escaping reality, acknowledging discomfort, and learning self-compassion. I work with gouache, watercolor, pastels and colored pencils to achieve a combination of fluidity that captures life’s natural rhythms and patterns, and sharp contrast that acknowledges life’s pressures that we all manage. I hope to share with the viewer life’s beautiful duality of breath and tension. 


Kelly Schnurr is an artist, illustrator and graphic designer living in Buffalo, New York with her husband and 2 small children. She received a BFA in Graphic Design from SUNY Fredonia and has 15+ years experience working as a designer in both a studio setting and as a freelance, independent contractor. After becoming a mother, she began taking her painting and drawing more seriously as a way to connect and engage with her children, while feeding her own creative needs. Influences from her design background can be seen in her paintings through a variety of gestural shapes and patterns. She hopes to continue to explore her painting style and expand her designs through textiles and surface patterns.

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