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The surroundings and the spirit are immersed in vibrant multi-dimensional experiences of color, light, and space. Constantly changing hues create varying patterns as shapes seem to appear and disappear one behind another; merging into and re-emerging from the atmosphere. Overlapping polychromes create prismatic patterns, moirés, sheer tints, and optical illusions. Shapes that at first glance are solid and corporeal now elude definition. 


Designed as patterns of multiples, these colorful structures may be enjoyed as small sculptures or developed into monumental configurations. Color Field Sculpture® Installations and A-MAZE-ING® Public Art are developed up to any scale - indoors or outdoors - bounded only by the specifics of the site.

Largest-scale interactive installations create a sense of community. Inclusive, optimistic shapes invite viewers to become participants - to walk into and through the sculpture - to experience it from the outside looking in or the inside looking out, gaining new perspectives.


We question our conditioned perceptions, and what seems to be, changes.

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