Katabasis (knowledge of the dead)
The Lives of Others 14
The Lives of Others 15
The Lives of Others 16
The Lives of Others 13
The Lives of Others 10
The Lives of Others 9 copy
The Lives of Others 4 copy
The Lives of Others 7 copy
Stone Unturned 2021
Sleeping With Ghosts 2021
Lunar Standstill Lineup 2021
Form Is Memory 2021
Stone Unturned 2021

My work explores the overlap of art, archaeology, and anthropology and the impact of ancient and traditional cultures on contemporary art. Prehistoric stone structures, Informalism, the Earth Art movement, and the study of shamanism are some of the key influences on my practice. My paintings on wood panel investigate the formal geometries of megalithic monuments through color, texture, and occasional digital mapping, and how those shapes occupy space in different and surprising ways. Ancestral connections and how we dialogue with deep history through art is another theme present in both my paintings and Neolithic-inspired pecked stone sculptures. My abiding obsession with history raises questions about what we seem to know—and definitely don’t know—about our origins, and about our institutionalized and accepted norms of knowledge concerning the distant past. I feel that in order to know where our culture of aesthetic objects is going, we must know from where it has come.