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Vasari 21: Miscellaneous Recommendations, Member News, and Zooming with Laurie Fendrich

I regret that I just missed posting about “Built II” at the Lockwood Gallery in Kingston, NY, an ambitious space invariably well curated by Alan Goolman. But below are a couple of photos of long-time V21 member Victoria Palermo’s work. “Gilt and the other smaller works that appear to be architectural maquettes are a geometry formed with the most unlikely of construction materials—silicone rubber, a substance once fluid but now frozen into semi-gelatinous walls of color,” she writes.”While pretending toward architecture, they comprise a less stable world—i.e., walls made of rubber. The free-standing constructions depend on the viewer’s participation to complete the work by walking around: new colors form as transparent layers shift into compositions determined by viewpoint. What is held through is the sense that nothing is fixed—there is a fluidity of being and of perception about what one is looking at.”

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