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JAN 28th – Feb 19th


The Lockwood Gallery is recognized for mounting concept-driven group shows featuring the work of highly creative artists who make art distinguished by originality and personal vision; work which is realized skillfully and motivated by the belief in the power of art to convey truth and beauty.

The founder Michael Lockwood and the curator Alan Goolman share a passion for art that matches that of the artists whose work they show. Goolman has a love of color honed in his previous career in the fashion industry and is a meticulous exhibition designer. He also has an eye for talent and is constantly expanding his knowledge of the many artists in our region whose quality of work demands attention. Visitors are engaged by the love of art and artists that The Lockwood Gallery embodies.

The Lockwood Gallery was chosen by the readers of Chronogram as the best gallery in the Hudson Valley 2021.

Sunset Allegretto36x48 oil2009 150.jpg


Featured Artists
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