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A SMOKESHOW is defined as someone or something so hot you can almost see the smoke coming off them or it.


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The Lockwood Gallery, in association with Lockwood Architecture PLLC, is eager to announce “BUILT”: Architecture In Art & Design.


This exhibition of nine artists challenges and evokes the designed space. Featuring works by Tom Fruin, Andrew Lyght, David Provan, Susan Spencer Crowe, Jeanette Fintz, Richard Scherr, Kurt Steger, Mitchell Rasor and Geoff Ross. “BUILT” exhibits a collection of interdisciplinary work, ranging from sculpture, painting, drawing to photography, all of which aim to test, question, deconstruct and reconstruct the boundaries governing the intersections of art, architecture, and design. At the heart of “BUILT” lie our deepest questions and preoccupations with the spaces we inhabit: questions of function and ornament, access and exclusion, impulse and restraint, play and severity.

“BUILT” runs from January 18 through February 22nd at The Lockwood Gallery, located at 747 Route 28 Kingston, New York. For further inquiries:, or call 845-532-4936.

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In Pursuit of Color

Architect and gallery owner Michael Lockwood and curator Alan Goolman return to The Lockwood Gallery “IN PURSUIT of COLOR”.


“IN PURSUIT of COLOR” is a group show featuring twenty-four mid-career New York City and Hudson Valley artists in an exploration of The Art and Science of Color. How it works. Why it works. Why we love it. And why sometimes we don’t.”

In Pursuit of Color Digital Card-FRONT-F

  In 1930, Harold Roth was one of half a million 12-year-olds who received the gift of a Brownie camera from Kodak. He was quickly hooked. When he was 19 he purchased a Graflex camera, which he used to capture classic images of The Bronx, where he grew up, Central Park, Coney Island and the 1939 NY World's Fair… 
  Harold Roth's place in the history of photography is well secured by his iconic black and white images of New York in the 1930's and 1940's, through which he created a photographic portrait of a younger New York City in all its romantic glory.

Urban Columns I – IV (1983-84)

Urban Columns I-IV are a series of four welded steel sculptures created in the early 1980s that were inspired by both the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the stele/stela of the ancient Mayan civilization in Central America.  Each sculpture is constructed as a marker left behind after a great civilization had ceased to exist.  


Lockwood Architecture was thrilled to collaborate with Willow NY based artist Pat Horner and feature her spectacular abstract paintings. Her work consists of splashes, drips, circular and calligraphic shapes co-mingled with landscape references that are unique and unparalleled.

Biography: Pat Horner's work is in numerous private and public collections including the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Center of Photography at Woodstock. She has lived in Willow, NY since 1994 and has exhibited in numerous galleries in NY, Paris, Seattle, Houston and Minneapolis. Her work has been published worldwide.

I've painted landscapes all my life and used a variety of formats over the years to study different aspects of nature. My early work was fairly large fields of color derived from locations mostly in the Catskill / Woodstock area where I've lived since the early 1980's but also occasionally from the American west where my wife and I often travel. 

My paintings are always oil paint on canvas or museum board. My drawings are in pencil or pen and ink and each one is of a specific quality that dominates the scene I'm looking at when I begin it. I think that most serious artists paint the same painting over and over again for their entire lives. The image may change over time but the impulse that generates it is always the same.

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